Printing Fabric

Click on photo to enlarge.

Did I mention I live near the county dump? You’d be surprised what I can find at the recycle area there. A case of cover-less, blank 4″x6″ journal/sketchbooks!

I’ve spent months deciding which of the dozens of ideas I would try first with them. Then today, EUREKA! I figured out how to print on fabric AND it so happens that I needed a gift for my mother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow.

My first try was with a graphic I’d previously designed. I wrapped the fabric around the book using spray adhesive. But cut edges weren’t “cutting” it. So my next try was to overprint the area and fold over the covers, glueing a piece of paper to the inside to hide the rough edges. Once figured out, I created a book for Ellen and some stationery cards to match.

I plan to make and sell the rest of the books at either a craft fair or on Etsy one day. I’ll post all the new designs once they’re done.

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