Vintage Printer’s Type Tray

Are we tired of decoupage yet?


I picked up this old printer’s type tray last week worrying the 80s would call and want it back, (remember how popular these were for decor?).
I cut pages of my favorite book to fit each tray section and let loose with the Mod Podge. (I know it would make more sense to scan copies and retain the original pages -but I have an aversion to scanning.) Then, for good measure, I “podged” the rest of the tray. I use the Matte finish, such a beautiful soft luster.

Well, as pretty as it is, it certainly takes up a lot of surface space for the sake of organizing. Really, it’s just a way of putting out my fun little items out so that I can keep inspired. As soon as my new (garage) studio is complete, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of room.

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