Crafty Camping

This was our 3rd year as guests to a crazy camping phenomenon called Lake Pillsbury. A family and friend tradition since the 60s. I decide that where I lack in outdoorsmanship, I would make up for it in creativity. So while doodling around on a stick, I became sort of a carnival side show. Next thing you know, I was the local tattoo artist! Kids wanted flaming baseballs, and clothing brand logos, adults wanted SF Giants emblems, wiskey labels, american flags and a Cornholio design -to get an edge on the tournement competition. (Cornholing, look it up!)

Last day we were there the “Watermelon” came out. I was commissioned to carve a 15 minute design, as shown here by the lovely Fushi. (GILP: God, I love Pillsbury!)

But the best creativity of the week for us was the suture/stitches my husband gave my 11 year old daughter on her shin after she split it open on a rock jumping off the jet ski! (Sorry, the only photos I have are post-op, band-aid removal…not pretty.) She’s healing beautifully.

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