Can you have too many rubber stamps?

Recently I decided to have some custom rubber stamps made for collage and other purposes. It sure didn’t hurt that I was in the middle of designing a new logo for a rubber stamp company. Farrah at Etsy’ Sweet Papery took my artwork (as shown) and turned it into several fabulous wooden handled rubber stamps. I also included in the artwork two clusters of designs and requested those as unmounted sections that I could cut into individual stamps myself. I found this funky old 3-tier revolving stamp holder on ebay which came with several old banking stamps. The rubber art easily removed from those and I was able to mount some of the cut pieces onto them and the remaining tiny ones I mounted to small wooden craft pieces, such as mini candlesticks, wood squares, butter churns and bells.

Then, to catalog my stamps, this super darling journal from Etsy’s Lilypad Lounge turned out to be the perfect thing.

So, now I’m wondering, can you have too many rubber stamps? Probably…no.

Watch for new and exciting things coming soon from Sweet Papery’s store, including a new identity. For a sneak peek at their new logo, you can visit my Farm Fresh Creative blog!

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13 Responses to Can you have too many rubber stamps?

  1. #1 - Lonely Paul says:


  2. #2 - Sweet Papery says:

    I love how you mounted the little images! So cute.

    Thanks for mentioning me here. I really loved working with you! You are amazing. I hope we get to work together in the future!

  3. #3 - kim* says:

    no no no, never. You can never have too many stamps. I bet you share or trade…

  4. #4 - tattytiara says:

    Those look really really good!

  5. #5 - cafegirl71 says:

    Incredible stamps…and no you can never have too many. I just popped over from the etsy forums….so glad I did. Love your blog.

  6. #6 - cafegirl71 says:

    would you mind if I add your blog to my list of “Blogs that inspire me” I want others to see your wonderful blog.

  7. #7 - Cathe says:

    Yes, cafegirl71! Please do, thank you!!

  8. #8 - Beth says:

    I remember my dad had a three tier stamp holder like that, but his stamps weren’t pretty like yours!

    Too many? Nah! I now have this strange urge to go buy rubber stamps…

  9. #9 - createitcottage says:

    Never ever too many. I love the holder.

  10. #10 - ~Kimberly says:

    cute blog! Saw you in etsy forum!

  11. #11 - Kelly Farrington says:

    Hi Cathe, I love this rubber stamp idea. Unfortunately I can’t find a company that will only produce the rubber sheet allowing me to do the mounting. Can you tell me where you had this made?

    I am enjoying your blog! I am a graphic designer as well!

    Kelly Farrington

  12. #13 - Val Slight says:

    Cathe, Look to buy or have made indivual chess pieces to stamp on
    a pre- printed paper chess board. play chess through mail and need to make diagrams of the moves. I remember seeing a set in a stationary store long ago. any suggestions?