Important Crafts: In Case of Emergency

A few years back there was an awful accident. My friend, Sue, received a call that her firefighter husband had been terribly hurt from an accident at a fire scene. She wasn’t called by the fire department at home, she was called while out of town at her brother’s house by a neighbor who broke into her home to look for contact info in an attempt to reach her. It wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows her to know that she kept a book of In Case of Emergency numbers by her phone.

That day launched an incredible story that was later published into an amazing book, The Fireman’s Wife, by Susan Farren. (Don’t even get me started on how great this book is…a MUST read for anyone in or related to anyone in the fire or police service.)

In her book, she tells the story of that day and how she was contacted and able to finally meet her husband at the hospital right away. The good news is that after much healing, Dan is finally back on the job.

So although it’s not the prettiest little craft I ever made (shot it on vintage fabric to cute-it-up,) this little book that I now keep standing in a business card holder by my kitchen phone holds the numbers of all family and neighbors, as well as a few my children should also need in case they ever have to use it. I also drew a simplified map of our house and immediate neighbors w/names and numbers. The book itself is one of a set of 3 little Moleskine journals I picked up and added a very clear and concise label.

Now, go make yours.

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