JSIM ACHIVE No. 1: A Baby Shower

I like to dig into the past to see what I can come up with in the way of inspiration. You’ll see these posts marked with JSIM ARCHIVE stickers, because, well I’m a graphic designer and I can do stuff like that.

I came across some photos from a baby shower I hosted for another mom from school in the spring of 2005. I’m usually not much for party games, but I had such fun putting these together and everyone was a good sport.

The shabby green crib (that I used at the antique store to display linens) was filled with various baby items, most vintage. Some items I dug deep for- the little blue outfit was my husband’s, the blue sweater and shoes- my son’s. Each guest had one minute to make a mental note of all items and go back to their seat and write down what they could remember. (Ok, now picture women ages 30-50 playing a memory game!) The guest with the most correct answers won a prize!

The other fun game was a dozen baby food jars of which I’s removed the original labels and replaced with cute numbered labels and each guest with their own numbered popsicle sticks had to guess the flavors and write them down. Again, most correct guesses won. It was a good laugh.

And here’s my collection of vintage silver baby cups hung by ribbon from the light fixture. Several cups are from family – my grandfather’s, my husband’s, my childrens’, and the rest are silver and silver-plated ones I pick up for under $10 (that’s my spending limit when I find them.) I happily loan them out for other showers and have seen them placed on tables filled with baby’s breath, candies and tea lights.

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