Mini Blog Cards

While Moo Cards are all the rage, I found that by making my own mini blog cards I could customize both sides and print at a fraction of the cost. I wanted something to toss in my car and purse that had both my work blog as well as my craft & inspiration blog addresses on the same card. Although one of the upsides to Moo Cards is that each individual card can have a different image, that’s not something I needed.
For my cards, I carefully placed the narrow artwork 2-up on each side. Ran through Overnight Prints as business cards with a promotional discount code and spent only $10 total for 100 cards. I then cut one or two at a time with my paper cutter. (Tip: once you measure where to cut, place tape on your board to make for faster card placement.) And there it is- 200 mini blog cards. I receive great comments every time I whip one out.

Think of these as little my little mullets- business in the front, party in the back.

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