The Shed Gallery

My shed is a mess. My plan was to clean it out today. I’m reminding myself of my daughter, Jamie, when sent to her room to clean. I constantly find her sitting in the middle of the room tinkering with something she found, not cleaning. That’s me today. The contents of my shed are everywhere but in the shed at this point and we have dinner plans in an hour.
So before I load it all back into the shed in a semi-organized fashion, for fun I thought I’d stage a gallery of some of my past paintings that I had buried. There’s family portrait (before we painted the house and adopted Sarah), folk-art style, our 10 year wedding anniversary quilt painting, some Southern Living at Home Gail Pittman dishes (that I love collecting) with fruit a couple of landscapes and a few misc. others that I used for greeting cards back when.

Ok, that’s out of my system, now back to work.

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