Hallway Sepiatone Gallery

Where I lack in camera knowledge, I hope I make up for in composition. I never really had the patience figure out my husband’s old 35mm Canon, and lucky for me there’s digital now. You can probably tell by the graininess and dullness of my blog photos that I haven’t read the instruction booklet on that either. But the thing I have figured out is that if you take enough photos, you’re likely to pump out a few winners. And one more thing, cropping is everything.

This is my sepia hallway gallery. Photos all taken with Jeff’s high-school graduation camera, the Canon. All of these were taken to a lab to have sepia toned. Now, it’s a simple feature on most digital cameras. I have always loved the feel of this type of photography.

So here are some digital photos of my 35mm photos, ha! The 35’s are so much more beautiful and crisp than anything I’m showing here. I guess I just have an aversion to instructions, buttons and features.

The baby is my daughter Jamie. We tried to cradle her into the helmet for this birth announcement photo, but by the time we got around to setting up the shot she was just too big. The hands are those of the four of us, before we were five. It’s entitled Holden Hands (get it?). I just love this picture. I think everyone should have a family portrait like this. It was very simple to set up and no one was fidgeting in their new clothes.
Another fun photo thing to do is to set up a camera on your kid and talk to them, snapping away. Put a few of them together and it makes a great layout. And the last one, well there’s nothing like denim & children in black and white (or sepia) to make a great shot.

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