Homemade Halloween No. 2: I Dream of Baby

I pulled out this 10 year old costume today to send to my niece for her daughter’s first Halloween. I think this little jeanie number is my all-time favorite. Although from the looks of it, Jamie wasn’t up for the photo session at all.

I found several costumes in catalogs, but nothing small enough for a baby. So I made it (ok, winged it) myself using hot pink stretchy fabric and light pink brocade trim. For the hat I covered an ice cream pint container and poked some doll hair through the top, added pink tulle and clear elastic for a chin strap. She wore little pink leggings under the pants and I found some Baby GAP shoes to match.

It’s hard to believe how time flies. It hits especially hard when I hold something this tiny that I made yesterday for my now 11 year old daughter.

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