JSIM ARCHIVES No.2: Leather Patch Invitations

I was just posting on my other blog about a leather wine label for my husband and it reminded me of something I’d done a few years back. If you knew my husband, you’d understand the leather thing. He’s nothing short of a good ol’ hard working country boy. So, naturally, for his 40th birthday, we threw a barn party.

I made these invitations with standard blank packaged invitations I bought at Target. I printed the graphics on my desktop Epson ink jet printer onto leather-looking scrapbook paper, cut out the patch, wadded it into a ball, flattened it back out and sewed it onto the invite. Pretty straight forward, with the only exception being that my garage-sale-sewing machine doesn’t like paper, so the stitching was somewhat unpredictable. I glued an insert with the party pertinents (date, place & time) to the inside to hide the under-stitching nightmare. That’s a technique I’ll have to work on.

…And here’s a few before and during shots of the hoe-down.

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