Just walk away, Mom.

“Just walk away.” My daughter Jamie said coaxing me as I stood there, jaw dropped, head spinning as I worked out my best negotiation-explanation-justification with my husband -in my own head- for my intended purchase. That’s how I know if I should buy something, Jeff is so great at managing our finances, I work it out with him in my head and see if I can’t guess his reaction. I appreciate, respect and honor his actual answer, although I may not always agree with it.

This mail slot cabinet (aprox 4′ tall) was on the stoop of a knitting store hiding in plain view of the hustle and bustle of the Petaluma Antique Street Faire on Sunday. When I saw the price tag, I knew somehow I could make it happen, just not quite for the asking price.

I made an offer, left a number for the owner and walked away. Then the call came 2 hours later and their counter price was one I could put on the table to my husband. A little eyelash-batting (ha ha) and now I pick this baby up tomorrow morning. But before I tell you what I paid for it, I would be VERY interested to know the most YOU would really pay if you love it too.

Leave me a comment of your top dollar and I’ll post what I paid tomorrow! This is fun.

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