My BFF Etsy

No this is not another Etsy favorites post. This is a post about what I actually bought on Etsy. If you have to ask what Etsy is, then it’s clear you’re getting more sleep than I am. Etsy is a community of artisans. It’s an online marketplace of all things handmade. It is also a great source for supplies and vintage goodies. It is a LOT more than that, but everyone who explores Etsy finds their own world within it. Although I’m not a seller, I enjoy spending time on the forums and I love to shop Etsy for so many things. It’s not like eBay, where you have to bid on anything, however, there is bidding among the crafters in the Alchemy section, where anyone can request a custom item to be made. Another big difference in Etsy than any other online shopping are the sellers. It’s rare I open a package and only find what I ordered. Usually there’s a little goodie tucked in, such as additional art, jewelry, nice piece of stationery, a handmade bookmark, a printed quote, extra pretty string around the item tied up with a button to finish, and so on. The other day I received my package and not only was there a sweet bookmark with a quote inside there was a goodie on the outside. ChristieCottage painted a lovely rose on my manila envelope full of sweet little wire angel hangers. Thank you ChristieCottage! Just lovely.
Here are just a few of my Etsy purchases and the shops they came from. (Click on photo to enlarge)

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