Paper Craft

Old craft books are such a find. This is one I picked up for my kids, but I have the most fun with it. Pell’s Guide to Papercraft Tricks Games and Puzzles by Walter Gibson. I scanned what he refers to as paper tearing patterns, but we always called paper snowflakes.

Here are a few that I thought would be great to share. Imagine these shapes cut from scrapbook paper, matted and framed individually. Or cut and strung together as a garland. Or cut from fabric or felt and appliqued to apparel. The possibilities are endless.

Always start with a square piece of paper and fold as shown in the diagram. You will end up with a tail that can be trimmed off. Cut away the white area shown, leaving the black section. (You can click on the images for an enlarged view. Disregard any rough edges that didn’t scan cleanly.)

If you use these patterns, or create your own, I would love to see what you (or your kids!) come up with.

Here’s a tutorial for six pointed snowflakes by maleahbliss.

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