The only thing I would tear to keep from my old Victoria magazines was the page of calling cards featured in each issue. I loved looking at everyone’s little self-promotions and constantly drew inspiration from them when designing. I have the Victoria Calling Cards book, but I sure wish they would come out with a newer version.
Calling cards are essentially a personal contact card, as in the past when people would carry them sometimes with little more than their name and lovely artwork printed on them, but more recently we just refer to these as business cards.

I, personally, have had many different cards over the last 20 years or so. Here’s one I designed and had letterpressed 12 years ago when I went from full-time work to full time mom. It was a little sketchbook, (with name and info letterpressed on the back.)

I would like to start sharing the calling cards (ok, business cards) of the readers of my blog. I would love to have this as a weekly post, so if you think yours is uniquely special, send me yours, I will photograph it and mention you and your business in my Calling Cards feature. Be sure to include any interesting information about the card such as printing process, illustration, etc. Mail your card to me at the address below. This will be such fun inspiration for all!

If your card is 2-sided, please include 2 cards. And one last thing, please keep in mind that I am looking for visually inspirational cards, please do not send your card for sales promotion only, thank you.

Calling Cards
Cathe Holden
42 Everett Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

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