Simple Finds: Clothespin Clamps

Who would have thought a simple clothespin would be blogworthy? Well, me.

I found a bag of plastic, rubber-tipped clothespins in the laundry-care aisle at Target a while back and I don’t know how I ever lived without them. I use these little guys for everything from sealing food bags to clamping craft projects. Last night I was trying to hold some breakable glass slide frames together to tape with precision and they came in so handy as gentle little clamps. They are so much better than using wooden clothespins because of their non-slip tips.

I searched the internet for a good product shot, but there were none. Though as memory serves, they were around $2-$3 for about 2 dozen. I’ll update this post with the correct info next time I go to Target. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the aisle with the hangers and irons, look for the little clear bag of these babies. You’ll find so many uses for them!

By the way, here is my finished accordion-slide-girlfriend-vintage-thingy I made last night using the clamps.

I’m making this a midnight post today as my girls and I are heading out at the crack of dawn to the Semi-Annnual Petaluma Antique Street Faire! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos!

Wonderful Laurie left this helpful comment:

I read your post this morning and ended up in this aisle at Target this afternoon! I found the clips-pack of 20 for $2.99. They look to be a great size!
I’m in agreement with some of the other comments, I love your project! I finished organizing my craft supplies today and look forward to being able to create when I’m inspired by your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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