Thank you.

It’s been such a fantastic experience being Guest Mom on the Design Mom blog. There have been so many wonderful readers that have visited my JSIM blog over the last week as a direct result Gabrielle’s blog. Thank you very much, Gabrielle, for this amazing ride!

Welcome to all my new blog readers and thank you for all the great comments you’ve been leaving. And my special appreciation to those who have added a link to JSIM, and even my other blog Farm Fresh Creative, from your own blog. (I know who you are!)

My last post on Design Mom makes better sense of the number in this photo and why it’s personal to me. Today I am sending a very special “143” to my husband, who has been completely wonderful the last week or so while I not only worked at my regular job, but spent a little extra time with my blogs. I double-posted, promoted and photographed, obsessed with hits and stats, corresponded and commented… all from my little studio in the garage and away from the family. So, Jeff, as you read this from the firehouse today, know that you are truly appreciated for supporting my new adventures in blogging, and as always, you are completely and forever loved.
The cool hotel brass number is from Etsy seller Time Passages.

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