A Blogging Courtesy

A few months ago I took on the challenge offered up by another blogger to remove the Comment Word Verification feature from my blog. You know, that scrambled bunch of letters you have to type into the little box, a few times if you get it wrong. It’s not really even a word, so I don’t know why they call it that.

I comment on so many blogs in a day, that I loose count. The word verification always jumbles me up. So as a courtesy to my blog readers, I removed mine, but kept my Comment Moderation feature on. That feature is great so I never miss reading a comment and often times clicking over to the blog of the commenter to return the visit. I am blessed to receive some of the nicest comments on my blog, and have never had any problem since removing the WV feature. I’ve only had a handful of comments over the months that I chose not to publish, because they were either spammy or of a political nature (not the tone of my blog.) I hope those of you who comment often have found it much more pleasant and easy to continue to do so, because I truly appreciate your visits. And if you’re so inclined, please pay it forward, and feel free to use the above graphics from this post if you want to pass on the suggestion.

Now, back to artsy things.

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