Getting Clever with Business Cards

I can’t resist an FREE business card promotion. Sorry for the late notice, but they are still running one now through Thursday, October 16. Use code CARDS08 once you’re in the checkout. I receive these promos through email because I order so much through them, next one I’ll try to post sooner. Even without the promo, they are quite inexpensive to order.

I decided that my blog cards should probably look more like my actual blog and I am almost out of my earlier ones anyway. If you’d like to see how those were done, click HERE. And for some other good uses of cards, click over to my other blog HERE.

This time around, I again wanted a unique shape for my blog cards, and was able to get 2 price tags from each card. I designed the cards as two-sided and created little tag sections at the top. Always be sure to print out your design and trim prior to ordering to make sure you have your cut areas lined up and in this case, enough room for hole punches in the tags. You will have to follow the instructions on the site for 2-sided cards, so they align top-to-bottom correctly. If you’re not as well versed in design software or designing in general, you can still use this basic concept and possibly print beautiful patterns or photo images on one side and your name or business on the other. Just be open to all the possibilities these little cards hold. Overnight prints has the best, heaviest and smoothest card stock I have found. They offer a thick UV coating at no additional cost, just be sure you don’t specify that on the side you may be writing your prices on or the ink will certainly smear.
Once I received the cards, it was over to the paper cutter. I have 3 different size cutters. All found second hand. So keep an good eye out, these are great tools to have. Older ones tend to be a little out of alignment so once you find the best place to cut, mark it with tape.
{photo one} I build up my tape a few layers and it makes lining up a card mistake proof as I just slide the card over until it hits the tape then cut. {photo two} With this little raised edge, you could almost cut these blindfolded, (but for obvious reasons, please don’t!)
{photo three & four} Once the tops were trimmed, {photo five & six} I cut the tags sections in half, hole punched with a punch tool (regular hand held hole punches work also, if you have the very tiny hole ones.)

I found some great thin, shiny black elastic string in the bead/jewelry making section of Michael’s Crafts, but any thin string will work, though I prefer elastic.

Now I have cool new streamline calling cards and a whole bunch of tags for pricing my craft show items.

Next day I made a leather card case for my blog cards, to see it, click HERE!

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