Homemade Halloween No. 3: The Perfect Wife & Mother

The thing about Halloween that makes it so fun is that it’s the one day to be something you’re not. So here I am in 2005 as the perfect wife and mother.

I’m one of those few parents who dresses up for my kids Halloween parade at school. That year I wore a 50s wig, cat eye glasses, red lipstick and a dress, apron and pumps, pearls and a brooch that reads Mother from the local thrift stores. I made fake cookies with a simple salt dough recipe and painted them to look like chocolate chip cookies (to avoid being eaten.) The glass is full of tub & tile caulking to simulate milk. (The glass of milk/caulk takes a few days to soft set. Every kid at school wanted to touch the milk and one stuck her finger right down in it. Now I have a hole in my milk. Ha!)

This was definitely a fun costume to wear! No one knew who’s mom I really was. Not even my kids at first!

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