I’m not so sure I should be sharing the photo of Jeff and I in our Halloween costumes from last year, but what the heck, here it is. We wore these to an adult party. I promise I didn’t show up to the kid’s school like this!

I had seen several episodes of Reno 911 and it always cracked me up. So I went as Deputy Clementine and Jeff went as Lieutenant Dangle. It wasn’t until well after Halloween that I actually saw Reno 911: Miami, the movie. Someone gave it to us as a gift and I literally threw it away after watching less than 20 minutes of it. So, my disclaimer is that we aren’t really portraying R rated charactors here, just the PG13 ones.

We have a good friend in the Sheriff’s department that gave us a few of his old shirts. Another friend in the Highway Patrol loaned us the belt I’m wearing. I bought Reno 911 badges and Jeff’s gloves off of eBay, and had name badges made through the trophy shop. I ironed brown fabric stripes to my khaki pants, and hemmed up some clearance-sale shorts for Jeff. I bought my wig and his mustache at the costume shop and his wig at the thrift store.
There was a close-up shot of the actor’s uniform online so referring tho that I was able to recreate the arm patches in Adobe Illustrator and print them out onto fabric which I then sewed onto the shirt sleeves.

The cop car used for this photo op was courtesy of a police officer we found on our way to the party. This was the most fun we’d had in a long time! And just for a point of reference, this is what we really look like:

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