JSIM ARCHIVES No. 3: Wedding Cake Topper

Ok, no giggling when you see my big poofy blush-colored wedding dress. Mind you, it was 1990. Vera Wang was probably still in the 8th grade.
When Jeff and I were engaged, I found a Wilton cake topper at a neighbor’s garage sale for 25 cents, as shown in the example photo where that bride is in white. (You can still buy this topper in places for around $7.)

I took it home and customized it just for us. I gave Jeff and I a healthy tan, painted our faces and hair to look like us and connected his eyebrows (inside joke…sorry Hun.) Then with matching satin, beads, ribbon, lace trim and tule, I made the little dress to match my own. My tiny bride even has a snippet of my hair glued to the back of her head (you know, back when it was actually brown.)

I keep our little couple tucked away in the china & crystal hutch. Today, just to write this post, I went to the barn for our wedding album. I think I’ll keep it out for a while.

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