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This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband, Jeff, who actually reads my blog.

I not only blog a lot, but I read blogs, visit forums and email my old and new internet friends, most of the time while my husband is either on duty at the firehouse or relaxing after dinner in front of the TV. Occasionally, he will read my blog to catch up on my posts and what I’ve been up to in blogland.

Today I ’m sharing a website & blog that I think he and other men will enjoy and possibly find quite refreshing from all of the other extreme guy sites on the web.

The Art of Manliness is a unique site busting with everything from manly articles, to guy forums and seriously, there’s even a Barbershop Locator!

One article series I found of interest was So You Want My Job? With the fist installment entitled Firefighter. There are hundreds of other archived articles HERE, including:
The Mechanics of a Man Hug
Three Man Killers: Power
Shine Your Shoes Like A Soldier
Quite frankly, I may be spending some time on this site, myself!

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