Sun on my face
Hands in my pockets
Scarf ’round my neck
Family in my lockets
Oh, how I love to wear lockets.
Here are a few I have. I think I’m going to start collecting the larger style when I can find them cheap. The locket on the far right came to me just last week from an eBay auction for only $5 plus $5 shipping. I don’t just happen on deals like this, I am just patient enough to wait for a low price and will work hard to find one, because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m cheap. It was missing the glass for the photos, so I Mod Podged prints of the photos into it, (at the risk of making most jewelry lovers cringe.) The largest locket was found at the Alameda Antique Show for $20, a once a month market here in Northern California that is so huge and such fun, but an hour away through some pretty scary freeway jungles. I only make it once or twice a year. Both chains on the larger lockets are from thrift stores. If you can look past the ugly pendants on some necklaces, you just may find a great chain holding it. I can’t really tell the metal of the larger lockets, but I am guessing brass, as there are no markings.

I have some wonderful photos that I only recently acquired of my great grandparents, in the largest locket, and my grandparents in the other. My little shiny gold locket is filled with my children and my tiny sterling book locket holds my husband and me on our wedding day. (I think it’s a crime to wear an empty locket.)

I like to pair the two larger vintage lockets together, it actually looks pretty cool, and I’m in the market for a third to finish off the look.

Today while going through books I came across the exact photo that inspired me to collect lockets. How cool is this woman? Her name is Kate Shifrin and she has a style consulting business (of course!) HERE is the link to her site.

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