Playing Tag

You may have seen bloggers tagging one another with nice little awards, and in return, the recipient is to follow the rules of the game by posting specified information and then tag other bloggers.

I have recently been tagged by two great blogging women, Tania Wood of WiliBleu (I Love Your Blog) and Stacey of The Blessed Nest (Kreative Blogger). Thank you so much!!
In return I decided to make-up my own tag and requirements!

First of all, I read so many incredible blogs that I can’t possibly narrow it down to 6 or 7 to list. I will simply thank all of you that keep your blog posts current, friendly, positive and fun with this little tag of my own for you to add to your blog for your visitors to see, and pass on as you please! (Two sizes, drag off what fits your blog best.)

And secondly, for fun, I decided to list 7 random things about me that you might find interesting, or not.

1. I can wiggle my ears at will.

2. I have complete disdain for the font Comic Sans.

3. I began my career as an art director with an advertising agency two weeks before graduating high school at the age of 17, (thus no college.)

4. I don’t throw like a girl.

5. I changed my (nic-)name from Cathy to Cathe in the 7th grade. (My sister made me do it!) My real name being Catherine.

6. I have a secret (well, not anymore) fantasy of singing the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game.

7. I used to play competitive pool, leagues, tournements, etc. My game was 9-Ball.

Care to share at least 3 random things about you in the comments? Let’s have it, and have a great day!

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21 Responses to Playing Tag

  1. #1 - Sarah says:

    I too dislike comic sans. greatly dislike.

  2. #2 - Emily says:

    1) I conversations with my cats wherein all I do is meow.

    2) I agree with Sylvia Plath that there’s nothing a nice soak in the bath can’t solve – or at least make better.

    3) Peas freak me out.

    4) I, too, loathe Comic Sans.

  3. #3 - kate says:

    1. I also have a terrible aversion to Comic Sans.

    2. I started going by Kate instead of Katie when I moved out at 18.

    3. um… it’s my birthday today!

  4. #4 - Nancy says:

    1. I played a nun in an historic pageant about Canada (in Canada. I wanted to dance but wasn’t picked…I know it’s sad

    2. I like Silentium Pro Font (check it out!)

    3. I make really good chili with chocolate and molasses in the mix

  5. #5 - Katja says:

    1. I hate hate hate Comic Sans and LOVE Swiss and I’m not sure whether I hate or love Avantgarde

    2. Robbie Williams kissed me (do you know Robbie in the states? He tried to get famous there, but I think he didn’t manage to…)

    3. I can balance a teaspoon on my nose!

    Many greetings from munich! Love, Katja

    PS I now also have a Designblog (not just a Funblog), but it’s just written in german

  6. #6 - suzy says:

    1. I had dreams of being a famous fashion designer.

    2. I am an ultimate CHOCOHOLIC

    3. I hate getting my teeth worked on by the dentist, like I did today.

    Thanks for the logo,

  7. #7 - Kristin F. says:

    1) Wow, lots of comic sans haters in here… me too ;).

    2) I’ve sung the national anthem (with a group) at 3 baseball stadiums — Houston Astrodome, Comerica Park, and Camden Yards.

    3) I let my 75 pound dog sleep with me when my husband travels.

    I never comment, but I read your blog daily. Thanks for the crafty goodness!

  8. #8 - Janet says:

    1. Misuse of apostrophes drives me crazy.

    2. I love the original Law and Order tv series and can (and do) watch episodes over and over again.

    3. I wish I had a doodad on my tv which would change the channel every time Pat Buchanan made an appearance.

  9. #9 - Tania says:

    1. I don’t like Ice Cream

    2. My biggest fear is being attacked by a Mountain Lion.

    3. I had my picture taken with Paula Abdul at an American Idol Concert in 2005. (even if I am not a huge fan of hers, it was still kind of cool)

    4. I can actually sing o.k.

  10. #10 - Mayhem says:

    1. The only haircut I’ve never had is a shaved head, but it’s never too late

    2. When I was very small, I once ran out in traffic to save a tiny kitten

    3. When I was like 19 I ran out in traffic to save a baby opossum which I raised successfully

  11. #11 - Lisa Jo Perdue says:

    (You were an art director at 17?? That’s crazy!)

    1. When in doubt, I use Frutiger

    2. I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark 22 times at the movie theatre.

    3. We “speak” for our pets: we “do” their voices, they answer us, they talk to us. We’ve done it so long that we don’t realize we are doing it. Our kids do it too. I’m sure it’s disturbing.

  12. #12 - Betsy's girl says:

    1. I have a deep fear of getting papercuts on my eyeballs
    2. I love Helen Reddy, and know (and sing loud & horrible) every word to (almost) every one of her songs.
    3. When I was little I went to the Sesame Street on Ice show and was chosen to go down and ride on a train with some other terrified children from the audience. They were all afraid they would never see their parents again (who the heck lets a 3-year-old go with a giant blue stuffed animal, anyway?!) but I cried when they brought me back to my mom. I was hoping that I'd move in with Maria.

  13. #13 - Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers says:

    1. I boil apples and cinnamon sticks, just to smell autumn…
    2. I fear moths.
    3. I dream in texture.

  14. #14 - Cathe Holden says:

    Lisa Jo Perdue said…

    (You were an art director at 17?? That’s crazy!)

    Ha ha, ok that was a little braggy. I was hired as a paste-up artist and didn’t become an actual assistant art director until later that summer when I was 17.5, then full-on A.D. at 18.


  15. #15 - High Desert Diva says:

    “I have complete disdain for the font Comic Sans.” You and me both.

    Just listed 7 randoms on my blog the other day.

    I like the postcard you designed…

  16. #16 - Lisa Jo Perdue says:

    You were an art director at 18??? Still crazy!
    BUT, what an awesome turn of events….to begin working at that age, actually producing! I bow down to your early greatness!

  17. #17 - Laura says:

    this is so great! thanks for sharing the button!

    1) i loved spinach as a kid…now i'm repulsed by the texture.

    2) i finished growing in 5th grade. i'm 5'8" & wear a size 10ish shoe.

    3) i have a picture of my 4 year-old-self gnawing on a goat's horn. hey, he nibbled on my clothes. it was only fair.

  18. #18 - kim* says:

    the post card is too cute

  19. #19 - Miri says:

    1) I am scared of feet,
    2) I HATE clowns, they are scary & horrible!
    3) i,too , can wriggle my ears 😀

  20. #20 - Junie Moon says:

    Once again, thank you for sharing your great graphics. This one is very helpful as I’ve been trying to make one of my own but wasn’t very successful.

    3 things about me:
    (1) I love discovering/learning new things.
    (2) Every day is a “must make something day” whether it’s a craft or just making up my bed.
    (3) Life is one big adventure to me.

    Thanks again for your lovely blog, I’m having a grand time exploring it tonight.

  21. #21 - Adirondack Metal Designs says:

    1. I too can wiggle my ears at will…it amazes the little folks!

    2. I want to be a published author of a children's book or non-fiction.

    3. My son is my greatest accomplishment.