Sweet Little Pots

I took an aimless drive yesterday afternoon, just to rest my eyes and neck from sitting at the computer for far too long. I found myself in the darling town of Sebastopol, back at the antique mall I once sold at. The Antique Society is such a fun place to wander through. I loved selling there, as it is a real class act as far as these types of stores go. Many, many dealers and very well run.
My girlfriend has been a dealer there for several years and is having a 30% Off retirement sale, so I took a good look at her space and found these darling little glazed pots. All three for under $10! Thanks Rose!

They are so perfect for little office supplies. I added a few labels and string and they are just darling in my studio. I already had two little pink pots that hold little items. Looks like another collection is well on its way!

While I was wondering around, I found another dealer’s space with a half-off sale. I glanced through the jewelry case and look what I found for only $14 with these lovely photos inside. Apparently, yesterday was locket day for me!

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