Vintage Repurposed

Here are some of my favorite things. Vintage picnic bags turned Book Bags.

I found two of these at thrift stores, but you can also easily find these on eBay, in antique shops, at flea markets and occasionally on Etsy. More often than not they are filled with thermos bottles and sandwich boxes.

For years I have carried my sketchbook, design sourcebooks and magazines to and from my kids’s sports practices, camping, library, and anywhere I will have some time to read and sketch. They are rugged, zippered, so plaid-retro-cool, and just plain handy. I never paid more than $15 for any of these.

The third one over is my favorite and I am starting to wear it out after all these years. (Or maybe just wearing it in!)

So tell me, what’s your favorite repurpose?

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