What’s For Lunch?

True confession: I hate packing lunches.

“Cut the crust off.” “Leave the crust on, I like to tear it off.” “I don’t want mayonnaise.” “You forgot a cold pack and my cheese was warm.” “I don’t like meat!”
…I could go on forever with that. I’ve been packing school lunches daily for 8-plus years. I have 3 kids. My best days are the days they choose to have the school hot-lunch (has to be the same day for all 3.) We don’t allow hot lunch everyday in order to save money, and quite frankly, hot lunch ’aint all that. Pizza day is good, nacho day in Jr. High is fun, but they only get 2 HLs a week. The other days I’m rehashing old ideas like PB&J, bagel & cream cheese, turkey sandwich, and that’s where I get stuck. Who can be so creative at 7:00 am? I don’t pack at night because of the soggy factor. I hate sending plastic containers because, if they even make it home, they leak after use and sticky-up the lunch box. I am willing to throw in a freezer pack. And the kids gave up juice boxes 2 years ago when we switched to water only, (with NO complaints ever, can you believe that?!)

I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on lunches, but I DO want my kids to have a pleasant lunch, (that’s right, I want it all.) So here’s where you come in! Share your lunch ideas in the comments. Let’s hear what you pack for your kids…I’m all ears, and my children will thank you.

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