What, Me Worry?

I found this verse today, and how relevant it is to my life. Especially in the husband department. Did I mention that he is a firefighter? That he loves abalone diving? That he rides his bike to work early each morning he’s on duty through the foggiest area in the county along a very busy road? In the past when the kids were babies, (while enjoying a birthday gift/experience from his brother) he survived a failed first parachute attempt landing by the reserve chute (attached to his tandem partner). Then there was the night floating in a pitch dark lake with another fireman (who doesn’t swim) after their sailboat overturned, after 5 hours of waiting for help, they finally made it to shore on their own. And if that isn’t enough, Monday, he and some fellow firemen drove to Yosemite National Park to climb Half Dome. Not the face of the mountain, but the extremely steep trail up the back. Not unusually risky per se, but upon return to their lodging in Curry Village they found large holes ripped through their tents from a rock slide. They survived that and were relocated last night by park officials. Then today they awoke to a huge rumble in time to run from an even larger rock slide as reported HERE. The total area has been evacuated. He and his friends are ok and on the road home as I write.

I am glad for God’s reassurance, indeed. But I’m exhausted.

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