A Turkey for You.

I’ve got a crazy-busy weekend planned, so I wanted to post something fun for you to use while I’m gone. This turkey illustration had been scanned and tucked away in my computer for some time now. It’s from a turn-of-the-century (as in 1903) sign and showcard book. I found this book on ebay a few years ago, and I think it just might be my single favorite reference book ever. Although the cover shows its age well, the content is as crisp and beautiful as it has ever been. There are many set-in color pages that retain their amazing brilliance. At the end of this post I’m including just a few of the many amazing images from this rare book. I learned from a reader that this book is in reprint and you can order it for yourself!! Click HERE.

Back to Tom…Click to enlarge the black and white image and then drag him right off onto your computer. Use him to create a thank-you card for your Thanksgiving hosts, use him on place cards at the table, wrap him around candles…you’ll think of something. He’s much too regal to be stuck in this book or on my computer forever.

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