November 5-12: Hug Your Sister Week

Sisters. There are no words that can adequately define that very special bond. In 1965, I was born to two sisters. Jenny, two and Shelly, three. Born on Dec. 24, I was their Christmas present, a living, breathing, crying doll. And although we grew up so close in age I don’t think we truly appreciated the gift of sisterhood until we began to reach adulthood.

Very sadly, my sister Shelly, (being squeezed here in my arms), passed away suddenly at age 40. Jenny and I miss her more than words can say. And although my sister Jenny and I have always been close, the loss of our sweet Shelly has brought us together in a way we could have never known. Jenny, (Jennifer), and I are separated by 2000 miles of land but we are completely bound together in heart and spirit. We talk and e-mail weekly, sometimes daily, and share most of the same creative genes and passions. Not to mention, we really crack each other up.

Shelly’s 46th birthday is one week from today, so I will be celebrating her life and her love by sharing the beauty of sisterhood on my blog this week.

When she passed, Jeff and I adopted her daughter, Sarah, at age 5. Sarah, now 11, and I have our own little tradition to celebrate her mom-in-heaven’s birthday by baking the chocolatiest cake we can possibly make -because if you knew Shelly, you knew chocolate.

If you have a sister, please call her this week, hug her if you can, and take a moment to appreciate and share the blessing you have been gifted. If you would like to share a special sister story, please do in the comments or feel free to email me, I would love to read it.

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