Sketchbooks/Journals by Me

I just finished the last of my crafts for the upcoming show this Saturday. I wanted to share my sketchbook/journals before they sell like hot-cakes (…that’s me practicing positive thinking.)

If you know me personally, you know that I keep a sketchbook with me at all times. I’ve been known to break out into a freakish, spontaneous doodling spasm at the very thought of something creative. So imagine how excited I was when I found a case of blank 4″ x 6″ books at the recycle area of or landfill! There were over 60 of these puppies left in the box!

I designed different covers, using vintage artwork from my collection of antique catalogs, books and ephemera. Some I designed with clip art. All have my little truck logo on them somewhere, at times hidden in the artwork. I printed all the covers onto large Avery-type label stock, trimmed to size and covered the outsides and inside flaps as well with coordinating graphic panels. Each book has a ribbon or string bound-in bookmark.

From designing to covering took an incredible amount of time, which I broke up into steps and worked on here and there over several months. If I had to do the math using my going rate, these books should sell for $125 each. But I’m pricing them at $15 each and crossing my fingers.

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