Christmas Eve Candles

Yup, that’s right, I was born on Christmas Eve. I searched endlessly for my favorite comic strip of all time to post, but no luck. It’s a Family Circus comic that shows Billy dragging his little friend through the front door, yelling to his parents something like: “Mom! Dad! Guess what! Joey’s birthday is on Christmas Eve! He missed being baby Jesus by one day!”…Precious.

This year, to celebrate my birthday, Jeff and I are going to take the kids on a fun little shopping trip to Manteca, California (about 3 hours away) to the new Bass Pro Shops showroom. I grew up in Springfield, Missouri, home to Bass Pro, and it is such a fun place to visit for everyone. We will be back in time to have a crab dinner at my brother & sister-in-laws’ house in Sonoma and finally back home to prepare for Santa’s visit.

Don’t forget to put out your cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer! (Darn if those reindeer don’t leave chewed up carrot crumbs on our driveway every year!)

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