Santa Clause is coming to Town

Every year on Christmas, after we’ve opened gifts at home, we drive about 1/2 hour over to Sonoma to enjoy the rest of the day with Jeff’s family. We ultimately end up at Papa’s house where every year Santa Clause, aka: “Taco”, or Jeff’s best friend, Mike, shows up with gifts (that we’d snuck to him earlier.)

Here he is for Bennett’s first few years. The third photo is the year Bennett figured it out! Just look at the smile on his face as Mike, er-uh, Santa came through the door. How hard it was to keep the secret from all the other grandkids!

The year Bennett received his dirt bike, Santa, of course, had to take ’er for a spin.

Thanks, Taco, for the most wonderful Christmas memories parents, I mean- kids could ever ask for. What a great friend, indeed.

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