Again, More Fun With Business Cards!

I simply canNOT get enough of’s free business card offer. I hope you’re not getting tired of the business card ideas! If you’re on their mailing list, these free promotions come around every now and then via e-mail for 100 cards free, you pay only shipping. (Or, you can use the promo for $10 off two-sided cards, etc.) {UPDATE: Wonderful Whitney from Whisker Graphics says this is the code to use: BC100, thanks Whitney!!} Shipping to the west coast runs $10, that’s still a pretty good deal if you’re looking to do something fun, like this-
Now that I have two Etsy shops, I have two Etsy looks. I designed these cards with both designs side-by-side with a fun little faux perforation line in between and trimmed the top on my paper cutter to make them the same size as my JSIM blog cards, for handing out or tucking into Etsy shipments.

Oh, and lookie here! I can also trim them out as tags if I need ’em!

Ten bucks, baby.

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