And The Winner Is…

Thanks so much to everyone that entered my sketchgook giveaway! I can’t begin to tell you how special I felt from all the nice comments and how additionally inspired I’ve become to keep up my blogging.
I realize that there are many easy ways to randomly choose a winner, but I thought I’d do it the old fashioned way- pull a name from a hat, (or a sweet little orange dish.) I printed out all the post/comment/entry names, cut them into individual pieces, removed any duplicates, then folded them and put them in the pot. While shooting with my left hand, (no easy task) I pulled out a winner.

The winner of the sketchbook is Robin Lynn! I will be contacting her and look forward to sending her the prize. Please click on Robin Lynn’s photo below to visit her website!

Again, thank you all for entering and for your really kind words. And thank you for following my blog.

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