Right@Home: Guest Blog Post No. 2

Today there is another guest blog post by me on SC Johnson’s Right@Home website! There will be one post a week through the end of February. As space is limited over there, I’ve included a few extra photos here pertaining to today’s post:
Designing Indoor Winter Birthday Parties
Click on the blue Right@Home button above or in the right-hand column to visit the blog. I’d love if you left a comment there, thanks so much!

UPDATE: Wonderful Kandice from The Alts emailed me today with these great photos themed after the very same ones I posted about over at R@H! Kandice writes:

I liked today’s blog post! Great ideas for indoor parties. I live in Phoenix, and my kids’ birthdays are in June and July… so unless I plan water games, outside parties are out of the question! I’m attaching pics of a couple of cards I made a while ago that kind of tie in to your party ideas. Thought you’d get a kick out of them. 🙂 The bowling one is just printed with text boxes & clip art from Word, and the bowling pins pop up. It’s a tri-fold. The camping one has a foam marshmallow, a toothpick roasting stick, and layered vellum fire. Keep blogging! I read yours a few times a week.

(Be sure to click on the image to enlarge!)

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