Thank You Shelly.

A package came yesterday. I didn’t order this. THIS was a just-because-gift from wonderful Shelly Kennedy of Drooz Studio. Are you kidding me?! Who does that? Well, apparently Shelly does. Shelly, an illustrator with her own incredible product line, knows that the red truck is my business logo and was my identity on my blog until recently. She sent a darling picture frame- the baby’s coming out and a photo of my wish-truck is going in. (My wish-truck is the vintage stake-bed truck I wish I actually had.) A red truck bank that she stuck one of my stickers (that was on a wrapped item she purchased from my Etsy shop) on the door! This bank is where I’ll start saving for my wish-truck, and she even tucked in a little photo album that I’ll put my wish-truck photos in once I stop wishing and start driving!

Well a good thing can’t possibly go unreturned, so I would love to share the amazing work of Shelly with you. For starters, you have to check out her studio. Talk about inspiration. Then dig around on her site, she has some super sales going on. She has a lot of wonderful NEW things in the works -not just kid stuff- so I can’t wait to see what she’s up to. One question you will probably ask yourself when your on her site is “when does this woman sleep?”

Here are a few of my favorite things she sells:

You have no idea how appropriate this door tag is. We live on one acre of mud this time of year. I have been thinking of switching from carpet to concrete and just hose the whole place down every few days.

And I can’t help but think of my dear friend Tania’s daughter, Saylor Bleu, when I see these next two items. Saylor lives as a princess in beautiful Maine not far from the beach, now running her own little shop out of her bedroom called Bleutique. Click over HERE to Tania’s blog to see why these two items fit Saylor Bleu so well.

Shelly’s having a great, I mean, GREAT sale on these fun rugs, you have to check it out.

And who doesn’t deserve a Tiny Tiara? They come in 3 different colors of glass. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Thank you again, Shelly, you are simply wonderful.

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