Tracing: Adobe Illustrator CS3

Do you read your software manual? I rarely do. I have learned Adobe Illustrator from years of working with it, tips someone’s given me, the occasional online tutorial, etc. I even took a Photoshop class at the junior college (well, partially took…) and learned so much more about Adobe Illustrator just from learning about Photoshop tools. I seldom EVER use Photoshop, usually just PS Elements for cropping photos. For some reason, I’m a little nervous about trying new things in software, I get comfortable in what I know and rarely click on mysterious menu items.

Well, the other day I was vector tracing a graphic I had scanned in black and white and realized there was a color option in tracing. So I got up the nerve, found a photo/graphic I had used on my blog in the past and tried it out. WOW! Here’s the result! You’ll have to click on the image to get the whole effect. I’ll definitely have to try this more often, what a great tool for a non-Photoshopper. Here’s the link to the previous post with that photo.

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