Scrapbook Paper

I don’t scrapbook. At all. But I can use the heck out of scrapbook paper. When there’s a sale at the craft store, I pick up a few new sheets or a greatly discounted pad of 2-sided sheets.

Scrapbook paper has been perfect as backgrounds for any product photography I have done for my Etsy store or for simple shots for my blog.

Another great use has been in my studio. I have a couple of mail-slot cabinets that I just adore. For one, I found some cardboard bins online that fit just right into the slots. I covered the face of each with different scrapbook paper patterns and added simple labels that I printed out onto label stock.

This weekend, I took my other old brown cabinet with slots too small for bins and by cutting the paper to size, I lined almost every slot with a pattern. The 2-sided sheets are a great assortment. No need for tape or glue, the paper fit snug to the sides and doesn’t move.

Now perked up, I’m filling it with all kinds of little things that needed a home.

You’ll find another great use for scrapbook paper on Just Something You Made! Click HERE.

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