Some Clients Just Can’t Wait

I slithered out of bed to design my most important clients’ extremely time-sensitive projects, I had just enough energy to pull these off. Client No. 1 requested a photo of one of her vintage baseball gloves & mask with a heart shaped baseball. (I took her equipment to the front yard for the photo shoot and modified an baseball image. J-Ray is short for Jamie Ray.)

Client No. 2 wanted a “modern” but cute bird and your basic “Happy Valentine’s Day” sentiment. (I’d bought her a sweet vintage wire bird cage for her room recently at the flea market, so I played off of that.)

Here are the results. I will meet with my clients this afternoon (after school) and am hopeful of their full approval and speedy payment (smooches). Once approved, I’ll print each image 4-up on cardstock and let the clients cut apart the Valentines themselves to exchange with their classmates tomorrow. But for now, this designer is going back to bed with her DayQuil.

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