Just Something God Made

If you had plans today, did you remember to spring foward you clocks and wake up on time? Well we sprung forward, but still woke up late. So as we were running around trying to get ready to get to church on time, I heard a strange bleat from out my bedroom window. We have a very small flock of sheep in our 1/2 acre pasture and you can tell by their bleating when something’s up. I took a look out my window and saw that one ewe I didn’t even know was pregnant had just had her baby.

Although I’m not much of a country girl, I never tire of baby lambs or the lambing process. Somehow through all the fuss, we still made it to church on time, Starbucks in hand. Once back from church we took a few pictures of the baby that Sarah named Lucy. Jamie went into the small barn to place the baby in a patch of sun because she was still wet. The lamb took some baby steps and began to nurse. How awesome is God!

UPDATE: Turns out Lucy is a boy. So the kids thought it would be fun to see what boy name my blog readers can come up with! Let us know if you have any ideas!!

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