Lil’ Button Dorothy

Another beautiful day at St. Dorothy’s Rest scrapbooking retreat. Who knew scrapbookers had so much fun? I’m the only one not scrapping, but having such a lovely time with a lodge full of women, paper, scissors, tools I had no idea existed, glitter and wonderful conversation. There’s movies playing non-stop. Food is prepared in the main hall. No dishes all weekend. Nuf said?

I brought some random supplies and figured I’d come up with some things to do once here. So far, I’ve stuffed some vintage apothocary bottles with mini faux birds’s nests and sticks & moss found off the porch, and made a few more wire nests to embellish bottles.

Last night I poured out a bag of vintage button in whites and crafted this little camper. You’ve probably seen button dolls made before, I can’t remember where I first saw one, seems like somewhere in my childhood. They’re just so cute. I simply strung limbs, torso and head onto wire, connected the pieces here and there and finished with a red button brooch. I named her Dorothy, topped her off with a loop of bakers string and today took her outdoors for her photo shoot. I found most of my vintage buttons in bulk on Etsy or eBay.

My next project planned for today was to sew book pages into something fun, but I left my threads at home. I think I’ll go watch a movie instead or use what’s left of the yellow thread that’s on the machine. So, until later, have a really great day.

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