The Bee

Ever been to a spelling bee? I hadn’t. But my daughter Sarah, and her friend Bridger won their school spelling bee and were sent on to the regional bee, which was last night.

What a fun experience for everyone! It’s pretty slow-goin’ for the first hour or so with 50 kids competing, but it picked up momentum as some kids started dropping out and got down right exciting.

We are so proud that Sarah took 3rd place and her friend Bridger took 4th! The top 5 go on to the district spelling bee on March 30.

I know I don’t share a lot of family photos or videos, but Sarah loves being mentioned on my blog, so how could I resist showing off our special moment? (Sorry about the bumpy video, don’t get motion sickness!)

The word that got her:
chortle n. A snorting, joyful laugh or chuckle. To utter a chortle or express with a chortle.

Congratulations Sarah!! We are so proud!

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