Being Nice.

While on vacation with my family last week, I was chatting with a woman from Louisiana on a tram out to the parking lot of the amusement park. I asked her what she thought of her visit to the park, the people and so on. She was somewhat disappointed in her experience and her reply was, “Well, this sure ain’t the South.”

That got me thinking about a decorative sign I’d seen somewhere that read, “because nice matters.” Seems a lot of folks don’t put enough effort into simply being nice to one another. This is true when out in public, and I find this a lot with my kids and their relationship to one another. Often I find it online, even in blogs. But nice really does matter.

Sometimes just a little reminder can help keep us in check. Even prompt us to go out of our way to do something especially nice for someone. I know I could use it from time to time. If you would like to have your own little reminder to place on your blog as a gadget or post to share with your readers, feel free to grab the simple graphic that I made that I’ll be keeping in my blog’s right column. You can drag off from there, or click and copy the link to the one below. You can also click on the one above if you want something to print out : ) freegadgets

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