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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Our kids woke up in our tiny hotel room by the airport to suitcases peppered with plastic Easter eggs full of goodies. We caught our 6am flight and eventually -by plane, train and automobile- reached our destination last night at the resort in Branson, Mo. (Ok, no train, but we saw one while driving.) Big thanks to Tidy Mom for some great Branson activity recommendations!

Today’s post is a fun Business card holder tutorial by Leah Radke of Green Bee. I only recently discovered her blog and simply love it. Super fresh and creative! And you can get a PDF version of her business card holder tutorial for download there. Check it out and be sure to shop her ETSY store!


What you’ll need:

· Exterior fabric
· Interior fabric
· Flannel for the lining
· 1 sew-on snap
· Buttons, scraps of lace,
ribbon, rick-rack,
embroidery floss, etc.

1. Cut all three fabrics 4 ¾” wide x 9 ½” long. Stack in this order: flannel lining; interior fabric, right side up; and
exterior fabric, right side down.

2. Pin all three layers together. With a ¼” seam allowance, sew around all four sides, starting on a long side and
leaving a 2” opening for turning, backstitching at each end. Trim corners, turn and press.

3. Fold both short ends in toward the center, so the
pockets measure about 1 ¾” deep. Press and pin in place.

4. Top stitch along the top and bottom edges, sewing the pockets down and sewing over the hole from turning.

5. Find the center of the pocket and position the ball
portion of the snap. Sew on. Close the business card holder and press the snap into the opposite side’s fabric,
creating a little mark for the socket portion of the snap. Position and sew that one on as well.

6. Now decorate it.. sew on trims, buttons, stamp images on the fabric, do some embroidery.. whatever you’d like.
Thank you for your guest post, Leah!!

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