Clothespin Dolls- Guest Blogger Post

I am so thankful to have had a week of fun guest bloggers while I’m vacationing with my family over Spring break!

This darling tutorial is by the very creative Hope Meeks of Going Sew Crazy. I found her blog and dolls while surfing Flickr. I had just found a bag of craft clothespins in some of my old sewing stuff out in our barn and I was looking around for inspiration. And, WOW, did I find it! Please visit her blog and Flickr photos for even more sweet inspiration and be sure to say “hi!”

Enjoy this tutorial and just imagine the possibilities! Thank you Hope!


Supplies Needed:
-wooden clothespins
-wooden doll pin stands
-wooden dowel cap with 5/8″ hole
-6 in. square of fabric
-small ribbon
-acrylic paint
-glue gun
-gloss varnish
-small piece of flesh colored pipe cleaner

DSC_0001 copy

-Draw face shape onto face with pencil.
-Paint face and top of pin in your choice of flesh color. Let dry. Repeat.


-Paint pin stand and pin “legs”. Let dry. Repeat.
-Paint hair onto dowel cap. Let dry. Repeat.
-Gloss varnish all parts. Let dry.

DSC_0009 copy

-Cut a 5″ circle out of fabric. Cut a small hole in the middle and 2 small slits for the arms a bit down from the middle hole.

DSC_0014 copy

-Cut a small piece of flesh colored pipe cleaner and gluse to center back of clothespin.


-Slip fabric over the “neck” of the pin. Slip “arms” into slits.
-Tie a small piece of ribbon around the waist and tie in a bow in the center back.


-Glue head on doll and tilt to give it a sweet look.
-Glue doll pin into doll stand.

DSC_0037 copy

Some tips and tricks:
-Use tape or paper reinforcements on “legs” to make stripes or polka dots.
-You can leave the arms free or twist them together and glue something into the doll’s hand. I used a mushroom in the pic above.
-You can also buy wooden spools and paint them and attach just the heads for fun trim and ribbon holders.

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