Dump Day Afternoon

Instead of turning right to go to the grocery store, I turned left and drove over the hill to the recycle area of the dump. It’s sort of a creepy little shopping center. Smelly. But I hadn’t been in a while and needed a treasure hunt, (and I was really dreading grocery shopping.) I was just about to leave empty handed when I spied a fruit box filled with vintage greeting cards from the 60s hiding in the book section. Five bucks. Score!

It was one of those days when I had just picked up an unusual bundle of new-old-stock library storage boxes at the thrift store, not knowing exactly how they would look assembled, but curious enough to pay $4.50. Turns out they were the perfect size for the greeting cards I was soon to discover.

So long story short, after a lovely afternoon of sitting outside in the sunshine sorting through adorable stationery, I now have hundreds of nicely organized vintage greeting cards.
…All in a day’s work my friends.

(Yes, I eventually did make it to the store for food.)

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