Foil the Boredom

Sitting in the bleachers watching my daughters’ 6th grade basketball games, it’s guaranteed the stands will be run amok with bored little basketball siblings. One Saturday I was completely distracted from the game while watching the results of a genius mother who had come to the game prepared with a simple box of aluminum foil and a pair of kid-safe scissors for her younger son.

As he created his own action figures by molding the foil, the bleachers around him began to fill with other little boys that wanted a piece of the action. Ultimately, there were aluminum sword-yielding super heroes fighting an army of foil army guys. These kids were so preoccupied, thinking creatively, sharing and having such a good time that when the buzzer indicated “game over”, they were actually bummed!

So if you have little ones and need to keep them preoccupied, be sure to keep a roll of Reynolds in the car! A 50 foot roll runs about $5. Of course, depending on the ages of your kids, you have to be careful with the sharp saw-tooth cutting edge on the box. And before you hand over the foil, be sure to tuck in the side tabs to keep the roll of shiny stuff from taking off across the floor!

For the sake of this post, I made my own little action figure: Shiny, The Super Blogger!

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