Redeeming Love

My niece in Missouri, Stephenie, mentioned to me a couple of years ago that she had just read the best book ever. She couldn’t say enough great things about how this book had actually changed her life. It was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Francine Rivers? I’d heard that name before. Francine is a good friend of my good friend, Susan Farren, also an author, and I think Francine lives around here somewhere. I called my friend Sue and said, “You’ll think this is neat, my niece loves the book by your friend, Francine!” When Sue hung up the phone, she drove to Borders, bought the book, drove to Francine’s house and asked her to sign it for my niece, all in time for Christmas that year.

Well, for all that, clearly, I had to read the book! I went to Borders hoping they would be able to find this little thing somewhere in their inventory- little did I know that Francine Rivers has an entire SECTION in Borders! I bought the book and read it in a beach chair over a few days at the lake. You COULD NOT pull me away from this story!

If you have never heard of Redeeming Love (which apparently is a pretty popular book club choice), you have now, so there’s no excuse. This is the first and may be the only book review (of sorts) I ever do. The story is definately PG-13 and a little hard to take at times. But through the journey of the main character, I fell more in love with my husband, appreciated more the great gifts in my life and finished a pretty thick book by my standards.

You can find out more about the book HERE and it can be purchased most anywhere. Don’t be confused by it’s cover, this is no Harlequin Romance, and I’ll leave you with this- what prompted me to write this…

…My husband just finished reading Redeeming Love today. His words: “WHAT a GREAT book!!”

Although you will see much reference to “Redeeming Love” as a Christian book from a Christian author and a Christian publisher-whether you’re a Christian or not, this book will move you and you will thank me for recommending it.

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